Let no one despise your youth

As a Christian you know the importance of protecting your testimony and not conforming to this world. If you are not familiar with this, no worries I hope you learn more about what I am talking about here today and I pray God touches your heart! 

So as God’s children we are called to remain pure, innocent, humble, doing the right thing avoiding at all costs what the world claims is normal. We as Christians are called to be different, we are called to live a pure life! God wants us to get to know His heart, live correctly and inherit the Kingdom. Have you grown tired of hearing the statement to protect your testimony and not conform to this world? I haven’t. If you have, pray that the Father would instill a burning passion in your heart to never grow tired of remembering what he asks of his sons and daughters to be. Now in this day and age, there are so many bad influences everywhere you look. Sometimes I am so shocked and ashamed at what I see to be allowed on social media. Social media is big, everyone is on it. Unfortunately, we need to be very careful with what we receive, with what we allow ourselves to be influenced by, even in what we watch. There is so much negativity out there, so much sadness, bitterness, hatred. Even celebrities who are to be considered to have it all and have this great life are lacking something. How can they possibly have true joy when they don’t know Christ and live a life apart from him? Now, I am not trying to bash on anyone here, I am just simply stating the truth. We need to make sure we don’t follow the same pattern, the same mistake. When we start living day to day, based off of the next thing we buy, the next event we attend, social media, technology, we will never be joyful. I have been there, as a Christian I became so materialistic. I would be so amped for the next pair of shoes I bought, picture I posted that was “perfect”, and always ended up feeling empty. 

What did I do? I ran to Jesus and asked to be healed. I asked to be healed and no longer be a materialistic person, or a vain person. I was focusing too much on this world, than Heaven. Does this sound like you? Have you lost sight of what is truly important in exchange for something temporal and less in significance? If so, that’s okay, we not only all make mistakes but there’s still time for you to turn that around. Jesus wants to help you do that and he will never turn away from you when you ask for help!

I want you to ask yourselves, am I truly focused on Heaven? Am I focused on God completely, or have I pushed him aside to make room for something/someone else? This is why it is so important we guard our testimony, that we watch in the way we are walking. We as Christians are always being observed by those who are also Christians but mostly by those who don’t know Christ. We want to make sure that we never lead in the wrong example, more so that we are living the life Christ calls us to live. 

Protect. Preserve. Purify.


Women of the Word

I am who He says I am…

These are the words we must remember and keep hold in our hearts day in and day out. When we hold unto this truth then there’s no way anything can make us think or believe otherwise. Once you start recognizing your worth that is when you will look and feel about yourself in a completely different way. The Bible talks about so many different types of women that were devoted to the Lord. These are the women we are to model after, unfortunately so many young women rather turn their eyes to women who are not portraying what the Lord says they are to be. 

  If you’re reading this and are thinking, “I haven’t been living the way I should” or “I’m guilty of doing this.” Don’t fret. I have been there myself, in fact, I am sure we all have. We are going to make mistakes along the way but what is important is that we choose to correct them. It is never too late to run to God, it is never too late to start that relationship you want with Him, He’s waiting and has been.


One of the ways I feel so close to my Father in is when I talk with Him throughout my day. This can be at home, in the morning before you start your day, on your way to work in the car, or even at work! He is ALWAYS listening, and always ready to engage with us intimately. 

For as long as I can remember, in all the places I have worked, the bathroom was my place to engage with God. Yes, the bathroom. I know that seems to be such an odd and unlikely place to meet Him, but there I was talking with Him. It was a place that I felt peace, it was just Him and I. And guess what, He loves when we make an effort to meet Him. 

The Father looks at us with such love in His eyes, we are princesses, heirs to the Kingdom! How much more special can our place in His plans get?? Much more I am sure haha but you understand! My point is, we need to be women of the word. Modest, gentle, humble, loving, kind and faithful. I admit, I am not the most perfect person in the world and have much to work on but I want to be better for my Father. 

When you feel stumped, just ask Him. Ask Him how to handle a specific situation, ask Him to change your character, ask Him to reveal himself to you in His word. I am positive that He will! If you ever want to chat, need a friend to talk to or have questions, feel free to reach out to me! I would be more than happy to talk with you, sister to sister ♡

All things Spring

A new season is here, and I could not be more thrilled for it!! Spring means so many things, fresh flowers, outdoor activities, warmer weather and new beginnings! I have always loved Spring because it just feels like the most joyful season, if that makes sense haha. 

During the colder months, you tend to stay in more and feel less motivated because of the cold, dark days. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to make yourself super productive during this time of year, at least it is for me. During Spring however, you can renovate yourself! The air feels lighter and you’re so much more smiley. I know I sound like I’m four right now, but I am sure there are some of you out there that feel the same!! 

Embrace this new season to start new projects, maybe exercise more, be crafty, adventurous maybe?! This upcoming season I plan to do a lot, now I may not cross everything off the list, but I will surely try!

Spring feels:

  • Start the garden

  • Visit more greenhouses 

  • Work on photography 

  • Be more devoted to posting on the blog

  • Aventure more

  • Be more artistic/creative 

  • Spend time with family/friends

I am an organizer and hard core planner, so maybe try making lists of your own? I know I love seeing my goals down on paper, I am more old fashioned and not such a tech person… paper is the way to go! Maybe writing your goals/plans down will motivate you more and get you more pumped for this new season! Happy Spring friends and comment below any goals/plans you have in mind! Blessings! 


Slow Living

I am not sure if many are familiar with the term “slow living”, but it is a term that many have spoken about lately, which is in complete opposite to what our generation is accustomed to now. I feel that people have this misconception that they need to constantly be on the go, going out, hanging around friends every weekend, making plans consistently. I don’t agree with this personally for myself, I don’t judge those who do have this life preference but to me it doesn’t make sense. It sounds exhausting and honestly where is the time for you? I am a person who loves her alone time, this is the time I use to take a breather, talk with the Lord, read my Bible, worship, blog, come up with creative thoughts etc. Even though my husband and I do tend to be pretty busy because we are involved in church, we love our down time. 

To me, slow living is changing the way in which I go about my day. It is choosing to be around family, friends without the need to constantly be on my phone, to choose to read, go to our favorite spots with Paul and enjoy the day. One of our favorite places is Port Jeff, (especially since he proposed at one of our favorite spots there). It’s no surprise that I do love to take photos and try to capture the moment each time we are out. To me this just ties in with my love for photography, whether it be photos of nature, a get together, at a coffee shop, I love how these photos can tell a story. That is more of what I hope to accomplish, tell more stories. 

Personally, I think everyone could benefit from the choice of slow living. When we slow everything down to appreciate what is around us, we can see that being apart from technology, crowds and going out consistently, benefits our well being. Blessing friends, I challenge you to try this and see what a wonder it can do!


Separating from materials

Minimalism is something people pursue to get away from the constant hassle of gaining more and more, to slow down and enjoy everything/everyone around them. To me this was super important because I was allowing myself to be tirelessly consumed by this life and placing these things before what was truly important. We constantly see people being successful around us, in a constant lifestyle of gaining money, clothes, status but what does that all amount to if their lives lack Christ? 

For me personally, minimalism helped me in my walk with Christ in that it changed me to slow down, appreciate so much more and pull away from practically idolizing things that mean absolutely nothing. Idolizing is a pretty serious word to use but it is exactly what we do when we choose to put anything and even anyone in first place rather than Christ. What happened to simply being grateful for what we have, and the lives we were given? I do realize this isn’t a “popular” topic but I will talk about it anyway. It is okay to enjoy the things we have, but we can’t put them on some pedestal and have that be the only thing we think and focus about. In addition, the only reason we have anything at all is because of God. God provides everything for our every need, so why not thank Him for all that He has done for us? I don’t want to live a life that is aside from Him, but instead give Him the credit for everything that I am and have. I am enjoying my journey on letting go of the material “needs” people feed into wanting every day. This doesn’t mean I don’t make purchases, it just means I don’t make clothes and the latest gadgets to be the main focus of my mind. I have given away a lot, and have had a complete detox on spending compared to how much I would buy weekly. I now appreciate more, need less and feel completely free from the constricting flow of constant advertising on social media platforms, that led me to feel this “need” to buy all the newest merchandise. 

As stated in 1 John 2:17, 

“And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.” ESV 

Another version puts it as: “And this world is fading away, along with everything that people crave. But anyone who does what pleases God will live forever.” NLT

What is spoken about in this passage is exactly correct. The world and all of the material goods we are after, are FLEETING. There will be a point where it will be no more. Status, money, clothes, will mean absolutely nothing. Let’s spend our time focusing our attention on Christ and His love for us rather than our love for worldly things that don’t define us.


Real Talk

Today is going to be a much longer post than usual, but I am hoping someone can take something from this. I will be talking about two things: How women should better hold themselves and when you respect and honor your husband in a marriage the way God has instructed us to.

Now more than ever, I tend to see too much of women not respecting/loving themselves for what they are worth. What makes you beautiful is not the make up you put on, clothes you wear, exposing your body, talents etc. What makes you beautiful is the person that you are inside and that is who God created you to be. I think, a few of the worst things I ever did was try to gain peoples approvals, compare myself to other women and try to fit in constantly with what was “acceptable.” We are not meant to tear ourselves down or each other down. We are not meant to expose our bodies, because it does get attention, but not in a positive way. You do not have to show off your body to get recognition, you will be seen for how amazing you are without that. 

Talking about comparison, it is so so easy to do.  It is also very dangerous because when we start to continuously compare ourselves to others, we will no longer like any part of what we see in the mirror. I always wanted to fit in, be like other girls, wear the same clothes and have the same hair styles. This is so sad when I think about it now, because I was willing to trade in my originality for something else that was not meant for me. As I began to grow closer to my Father, He showed me that the reason it was so hard for me to fit in, was because I was never meant to fit in at all. I started to see that I was a daughter of The King. When we see ourselves as this, it really opens your eyes and allows you to grow nearer to Him and hold yourself in such a different way. I have no intention to shame anyone if they have felt any of the things I described. I felt them too, but what is important is that we stop feeling/doing them. BREAK THE CYCLE. You are beautiful, unique, special and original. Embrace that ALWAYS.


Now, regarding marriage. Please note, I am aware I’ve been only married for eight months and there are others who have been married for much much longer. I don’t consider myself an expert at all because I learn everyday, but I do want to share something special that I prayed/learned about before marrying Paul and during our marriage. For the longest time, (six years) I have always known I wanted to marry Paul and felt I was. He is an incredible man that God blessed me with, I could never find a more perfect person for me. I honor my husband, and give him his rightful place as head of the marriage/household. I think this is important because for one, it was what God designed a marriage to be like.

“For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior.” Ephesians 5:23 

I do not see putting my husband in this place degrading in any way, the way I see it is that as I put myself under him I am in the same way putting myself under the Father because He is above us both. I know that some women are afraid or hesitant to this, they don’t want to lose control or they’re afraid that trust will be broken. Unfortunately, if anyone views marriage or a relationship in a way of control, then you’re already going into it negatively. Control shouldn’t be the main focus, God, love and trust should. If you are not married, in a relationship or not in one yet, I highly encourage  you to pray for your spouse. I was told this by a very special person and it is such a great thing to do. Pray that the Father prepares you for marriage when it comes, that He prepares you to be the wife you need to be, daughter to Him, and to bless and guide your future husband. I know that what’s most important is having God at the center. When He is your foundation, no matter what you may encounter, He will keep you both grounded and strong. I know from having Him as the center, we love and respect one another. We appreciate one another and encourage one another with His word, we strive to be grounded always in Christ, in that way we are to model the same to our future children and others around us. Love is an amazing thing, Gods love surpasses it all. I pray that this was a help to someone, maybe they could relate, or even pass it on to someone else. God bless you all, you’re incredible, beautiful and have a loving Father that never gets tired of pursuing you! 


Handcrafted Beautifully

Self love and self respect is something I felt placed on my heart to talk about. Women are jewels, jewels that are to be highly respected by others but most importantly need to be respected by themselves. When you love yourself enough to respect yourself to a high standard, you are caring for yourself in such a special way. We are temples, and we should protect, preserve, and treat lovingly towards our temples. 

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. : 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Many times, we can be our own worst critics. No one else can be criticizing us but we end up being the ones doing this to ourselves. When you tear yourself down with your own words and negative thoughts, that is not self love toward yourself. Look at yourself and love every part of you, recognize what makes you special and unique. Just because you don’t look like a model shown on tv does not mean you aren’t beautiful or worth any less, because guess what.. even they don’t look like that. You were not meant to look like everyone else, you were meant to be uniquely different. God didn’t make any mistakes when He created you. He took His time and delighted in making you the way you are. He thinks you’re wonderful, so if The Father thinks you’re wonderful, then why shouldn’t you think that too? 

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you. : Song of Solomon 4:7

The Father is far beautiful than what we could ever imagine, we were made in His image. Therefore since He is beautiful, so are we. God bless you beauties, if you ever need prayer or a friend, rest assured I’ll be that for you. 


Style, Wear, Repeat

So, let’s talk about something that is considered to be a “no no”…

Rewearing the same items. 

For as long as I can remember, whenever there was a person that would repeat wearing the same top, pants, shoes etc it was weird. Thank God that is no longer the case, at least for me and many that are in agreement with this. 

It is totally fine to rewear the same item more than once

At first for me this was hard because my instant thought was, well “what will people think”, “will everyone notice and judge?” Step one in doing this, stop caring what others think. People’s opinions in general should not affect how you live your life or go about your day. Embrace who you are and the choices you choose to make! Back to repeating the same items, you would be amazed at how many times you can rewear an item in various ways. You would of course need to have cohesive pieces within your wardrobe that will allow you to do this but it’s possible! If you choose to wear the same sweater three days in a row, with a different way of styling it each time, go for it. 

In the pictures below I styled my favorite new thrifted sweater three times, with help of my trusty Cladwell app and personal preferred choice as well!

I love when I can do this because it is great knowing that you picked a piece that is so versatile in how it can be worn. To be completely honest as well, no one will even notice. In the end, when you really think about it, not everyone has a different shirt or pants for every single day of the year so rock it girl. 

Top: Banana Republic (Thrifted)  Jeans: Free People  Boots: Marc Fisher (DSW)

Top: Banana Republic (Thrifted)

Jeans: Free People

Boots: Marc Fisher (DSW)

Top: Banana Republic (Thrifted)  Jeans: American Eagle  Boots: Marc Fisher (DSW)

Top: Banana Republic (Thrifted)

Jeans: American Eagle

Boots: Marc Fisher (DSW)

Top: Banana Republic (Thrifted)  Jacket: H&M  Jeans: Levis  Boots: Marc Fisher (DSW)

Top: Banana Republic (Thrifted)

Jacket: H&M

Jeans: Levis

Boots: Marc Fisher (DSW)

Quantity over Quality?

Have you come to the point where you’ve realized you’ve spent tons of money on so many items, for them only to shrivel, shrink, rip in a week or even a month? I have, at least I used to. I would go to fast fashion stores and buy so many clothes, especially the ones in the clearance racks. I wanted to keep up with trends that were appearing every other week it seemed, to only realize I not only had a wardrobe that didn’t coincide with one another at all but for my clothes to look old and not hold up for even a month. 

This is what happens when we think “quantity over quality” instead of the reverse of it. Most people walk into a store and see a pretty expensive item, pass on it because of the price and then purchase something similar that’s cheaper and doesn’t last as long as the other one would have because I mean, c’mon you get what you pay for right? Now, I am in no way saying to go buy a bunch of expensive items and make yourself broke. All I am saying is that, don’t be surprised when you buy something cheap and the item doesn’t hold up. 

What you can do is make a list of the things you want and purchase them overtime. I think when doing it this way, it brings more excitement and meaning to the purchase. If you prefer to buy all at once, why not but I prefer to wait a little while in between. I’ve grown to really enjoy buying items that cost a little extra but that will last longer in durability. 

I hope this was helpful for anyone, I know when I first started to read upon ethical brands and sustainable fashion it truly resonated with me. I needed this kind of change in my life, and also helped propel me into my minimal journey. Much love to you all and thanks for visiting my blog again! 


Steady Heart

We constantly deal with seasons in life that are harder than others. We try our best to keep our chin up but sometimes these things can weigh us down and get the best of us, and we don’t feel as strong as we normally would. BUT, what is the key when dealing with any hardship? 


I’ve been relying on him so much and there are times where I just want to lay my head on his shoulder for that comfort, I believe that no matter what season we are in whether it be easy or difficult, God should always be who we lean on in everything. There is one song that gives me so much hope and brings me peace and when I sing the words I feel a lot closer with God, its such a reminder. The song is called steady heart by Steffany Gretzinger within the first verse it just gives me strength as soon as I start singing it. “ I can’t see what’s in front of me, but I will trust you.” 

The song is about having a steady heart that keeps hoping, that’s strong, that’s forgiving. When I sing this song it gives me strength knowing who my God is, that He is always for me and that no matter what I’m going through and even if it feels overwhelming and I don’t feel I have someone to turn to He’s there for me. I encourage everyone that no matter what season you’re in, don’t give up, don’t feel saddened or defeated but remember that God is our strength. He fights our battles for us. I encourage you to pray the words “Lord, I don’t know whats in front of me, I don’t know where I’m going but you do, and I will trust you because you know what is best for me and you are the leader you are my Father and there is nothing that you will not do for me.” These challenges make us better, they are our break throughs. Behind a challenge is a beautiful blessing. Instead of looking at it as a defeat look at it as a triumphant moment in your walk with the Lord.



Simple Living

For as long as MANY people can remember, I had been labeled a major  S H O P A H O L I C. I would live for the next thing, as in next new pair of shoes, clothes, handbags, accessories etc. I was well aware that what I was doing was not making me happy, but I just couldn’t stop. I spiraled into debt, was wasting my money on things that I would then “hate” the following week or month and give them away. To me this was intoxicating. I had heard about minimalism before, but never felt I would be capable of living such a drastic lifestyle.

Before I got married in June, I had gotten into the habit of giving away items, but items I had held onto for months, years that I hadn’t worn at all. I was now not giving them away just because I wanted to make room for new things but because I wanted to declutter my closet and life. I knew that once I got married, If I kept up the toxic cycle I had for so long, I was not only going to effect myself but my sweet husband. Being married, having a budget and being wise with what we were purchasing, was such a blessing. A month or two after getting married I started looking into minimalism, I read about it, followed bloggers and youtubers who pursued it and little by little I decided I wanted to live a simpler and happier lifestyle too. There are other factors that came into play with how I found myself connecting with minimalism, but it isn’t the point I’m trying to make here. 

Now, I am in NO way saying fashion bloggers, women who love to shop and keep up with trends are wrong or should change. I have many friends who love fashion, and want to pursue blogging that way and I am in full support of them! I am just sharing my personal journey and what I did to make myself happier because what I was doing was not genuinely making me happy before. Since I have chosen to pursue this, I am a lot happier, I don’t feel as under pressure to fit in, and my focus is more on God, in being who He needs me to be. I truly hope maybe someone was able to relate to this, or be encouraged. God bless you all and thank you for taking the time to read this! 


Create your own happiness

Create your own happiness.

These simple four words have meant so much to me and has had such a strong positive impact on my life recently. It is easy to find happiness in money, clothes, instagram likes etc. But you can only choose to find joy in these things for so long. I found myself focusing more on what these objects brought me than true joy I could experience without them. I wanted new joy. The real joy that didn’t reside in a mere object. I didn’t want the joy that came and went, I wanted constant joy. 

Having a positive mindset and waking up to choose joy is key. Choosing to stay humble and graceful through out a day can be challenging I won’t deny that but its better than not trying at all. I choose to be joyful and receive that joy from my gracious Lord but also from simple things, a sunny day, freshly bloomed flowers, time with my Husband, laughter with family and friends. Choose joy today and be the light in your environments, ask the Father to show you how, and see how quickly He’ll respond. 

Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame - Psalm 34:5

He calls in the morning

The Lords heart will always gravitate toward ours, without fail. Even when we feel far, or lost, He IS there. 

Mornings can be hectic, we wake up and run to make breakfast, shower, get dressed. In the midst of this hectic life we can forget to stop what we are doing and just thank the Lord for that day, a new day. We may not see it physically but each morning, his smile is upon us and his love warms us. He is the first to wish us a good morning and the last to wish us a goodnight. 

He calls us every morning and every minute of the day to get to know His heart more, to become an even closer companion with Him. 

Silly story: When I was a little girl, my family lived with my grandparents and upstairs in my room was this one window that would shine the brightest light into the room every morning. Every morning without fail I would dance in the light. There were small specks of dust that would be floating and I had thought they were tiny little angels just floating around me as I danced. 

It is no doubt that when we were smaller, we didn’t have a single worry in the world and just enjoyed each day as it came. Matthew 18:3 says, “And he said: “ Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” So shouldn’t we apply this to our lives as well? Sure there are daily struggles when you’re an adult but if we choose to handle them with a grateful heart and a joyful one, it can make the biggest difference. Let’s dance each morning with the Lord and thank Him first before anything else for what he has done, especially giving us another day of life! Matter of fact lets forever dance hand in hand with the King, never parting from Him but always remaining close, never to lose a moment of what He needs to show us. 



Daughters of the King

Princess diaries is hands down the OG princess movie of all time, and I think it’s safe to say that when we all watched it we were wishing we were princesses too. Well we are. We are princesses of the King of Kings and we should always carry ourselves like so and never settle for anything less. 

We are daughters of the one true King and I love love saying that. We are loved for and cared for beyond measure by a Father that wants nothing but the best for His daughters. Day by day we are crowned with grace, humility, love and wisdom. All of this helping shape us to be the fierce women of God we were always intended to be. 

This world is rough, there is no doubt about it, but as daughters of the King we need to make sure we maintain a constant attitude of thanks and positivity. We must remember we are the elect that were chosen to do great things in His name. Let us be constant reflections to others of what a daughter of the King is like, of what Jesus is like. Let us be role models, friends that walk through life together for others in the hopes that if they don’t know their identity in the Lord they will come to know it. 

Beauties, don’t take being a daughter lightly, wear it proud wherever you go. We are princesses who one day will finally enter into The Kingdom we’ve long awaited to see, and we will forever be taken care of by our King, our Father, our Everything.




While Waiting.

Blessings friends, It has certainly been a while but I am ready to continue to do what God had placed on my heart to do, a year ago regarding this blog.

I want to talk about waiting. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am the absolute worst at this. I can barely wait normal expected shipping time for an item and end up paying way more than I should have LOL. 

However, I know the Lord is teaching me how to wait. Not to be stuck in the waiting without doing a single thing but to learn and grow. Waiting is so so hard sometimes, especially when you feel you are ready to do something and just have an overwhelming eagerness to do just do it. Reality check, sometimes we won’t be ready. It isn’t because we aren’t capable or good enough but because we just simply aren’t ready to do it yet. The Father wants us to wait a little longer.

 Sometimes this can be a hard reality to swallow. 

I can personally say my heart is so heavy with tons of ideas to do so much in the church and my life. I must admit I feel like I have been waiting for so long for my moment but I know it is close. And it becomes closer when we admit we have learning to do, areas to grow in and when we are willing to wait with God until He gives us that special moment. 

In the waiting let us remember that we must:

~ Pray

~ Draw near to God

~ Be observant and open to receive what the Lord wants to teach you.

~ Be consistently thankful

~ Never stop dreaming


The Father does not place ideas in our hearts for them to never be fulfilled. His timing is perfect. Whether it be weeks, months or years of waiting when the time comes it will be glorious and worth everything. 


Tough Love

  I have recently been noticing myself experience different obstacles, and seasons that I would have never thought I’d have to endure. Though I am grateful in knowing that if it wasn't for my greatest supporter of all I wouldn't be able to get through them. Our God is humble, and He also wants us to be humble and sometimes in order to do that He has to ‘knock us down a couple pegs.’

I’ve always been independent, my mother raised me this way. She is an incredible woman, who’s a combination of love, kindness but also great strength. My mom is the definition of a super mom.. period. So naturally I would want to be as fierce as she, BUT along the way I became a little too comfortable in my solitude/need to do things on my own. Thats where my gracious Lord came in the picture, He needed to-as i said earlier; ‘knock me down a couple pegs.’ 

When this happened i was most definitely blind sided, I had no idea how to handle the different situations that came my way because I had never encountered them before, nor did i think I would need to. Something beautiful came from this as anything always does that Gods hands have taken part in. I was being molded; RE-molded. He humbled me to a place where I didn’t want to be alone because I craved His company as well as others, I needed His help because there was no way I’d handle this on my own. I no longer felt ‘all high and mighty’ as we say it these days but so helpless. The Father revealed things to me about myself that I didn’t even know were there. 

I encourage you to willingly submit to being humbled. Let the Father strip you down so he can transform you, because you’ll enter a state in which all you’ll want to do is lean on Him and that’s the greatest state to be in.

The Imperfection That Is Useful

  I am positive that so many of us have struggled with our own self criticism. We constantly strive to be the absolute best without a single flaw but guess what, we have them. Truth is we always will BUT that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Our Father doesn’t want us to perfect ourselves and THEN be used by Him. He uses us with our imperfections. You see, our Father delights in loving and healing. He wants to heal us, He wants to take us in while we are the way we are, nurture us and watch us grow and become these incredible daughters for Him. 

Our imperfections are useful for Him, this way we may be humble and submit ourselves below His authority and transform. Our God isn’t a God who only accepts the most pristine people but those who are WILLING. Just look at those before us that He chose to serve Him and made leaders of. They weren’t perfect, they were imperfectly beautiful and God admired that. They all had one thing in common, willing hearts. That is all He asks of us, to just be willing. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have forgotten this. I have my moments where I feel that I need to be a perfect christian girl with no flaws. 

When I have moments where I feel stuck, I end up blaming myself for that. “ Well that’s why your’e not going anywhere, your’e not up to part. “ WRONG. There have been countless times where I’m depressed or stressed or crying because I have felt failure to be perfect. The enemy will always try to lie to us and make us believe that we aren’t good enough because he doesn’t want us to succeed. Don’t believe the lies, believe the truth in Jesus. Believe that you were born for a purpose and He chose YOU. You are acceptable by Him, He DOES want to use you. Stop feeling you need to be, act or think a certain way. He accepts you as you are, broken, humble, willing and hungry for His love. You are imperfectly beautiful darling and He will always be drawn to you.

Uniquely Different

    Before it comes to writing a post I always pray for the Father to give me the right words to say because I don’t want to write about just anything. This way I am attentive to what He wants me to say and I strongly believe that before we do anything we should consult with the Father first. I felt it in my heart to write about this because I feel it’s something everyone can relate to and I truly hope it inspires you. Originally I had written this post a bit different, but when I went to go publish it I deleted it by accident. You can imagine the frustration, not to mention the tears. But then I thought, maybe He wants me to write it in a different way than I previously had that will reach deep into your hearts and speak to you. So with that, welcome once again to my blog, I hope you are able to take something from this.  

    We live in a society where we constantly strive to gain the approval of others, whether it be keeping up with the latest trends or having similar interests we all have become prisoner of this. I know I can say I’m guilty of this, especially as a woman there are so many constant changes, I find myself trying to fit in with them. This is wrong. There’s no need to try and feel like you need to be like any other person besides yourself. You are adored for who you are and every quality you have makes you beautiful. 

    The Father never intended for us to strive to be like the person next to us. If He wanted us all to be alike He would’ve created us that way, but instead He made us all Uniquely different. Look into the mirror and take note of every flaw and every detail that makes you who you are. When you look at yourself, identify yourself as your Fathers daughter, as a beautiful masterpiece. Darling you have a purpose. If we are to strive to be like anybody, let us strive to be like Christ. Let us strive to be His most loyal servants, encouraging sisters in Christ and difference makers in the world. 


Eyes above the water

In life we learn quickly that not everything will always go according to what we want. It’s very easy to be positive and hopeful when everything’s going right, but when things seem to be hitting a rough patch then that’s where the true test of faith lies. 

It’s easy to give someone advice to cheer up and stay hopeful while they’re enduring a trial, but when it comes to be our turn during a trial, we often forget our own advice. Do not dwell on what’s going wrong or what has failed to happen. In every situation, look to God. We endure these trials but in the end, we survive and we come out stronger than before. God has now given us the strength and durability to take on the next challenge. Not only are we capable of doing this, but we are now able to help another person who may go through the same. Within every trial and season, lies an abundant amount of blessings. Instead of asking why, or accepting things may happen to us because we deserve them, thank God. Thank Him for allowing this to be another stepping stone in molding you into the daughter you were born to be. When we embrace the trials, we are embracing the blessings behind them. 

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, ”plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

Jeremiah 29:11

The Greatest Love Story

Many times in life, most people spend their time searching for the ‘perfect love’. And in most cases, while they wait for that special someone they feel their lives are incomplete, lonely,sad etc. This is time wasted. When it comes to searching for a true PERFECT love, theres no need to look any further than above. 

Our Father is the Ultimate perfect love and He loves us unconditionally. He created the greatest love story, and left it for us to read. The Bible allows us to know His heart, fall in love with Him, know more about Him and how to only grow closer. If you are a person who feels they need to have a significant other just because others do, and are searching for that perfect someone, stop. You HAVE that special someone and He’s the best love, that you won’t find any where else. He does not require for you to be perfect or act or look a certain way. He adores everything about you and wouldn’t change a thing. Today is a chance to experience that love, give yourself freely to Him, and accept His precious love in return. I promise you won’t regret it. 

God bless you Beauty



1.  A sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo. { landing place, anchorage, harbor, dock etc }

2. To maintain a theory, thoughts, or feelings. { hold, feel }

3.  A place of refuge and comfort and security

    Hello everyone! My name is Angelina, welcome to Harboring Light now you must be wondering what the heck that means. I shall explain, my inspiration behind Harboring light were a couple of things; I had been very moved by the song "Come out of Hiding" by Steffany Gretzinger. In the song there is a verse that instantly moved my heart (still very much does) and created such a beautiful image of God in my mind, " I'll be your lighthouse when you're lost at sea. And I will illuminate everything. " I saw God as this incredible safe house, this beautiful glowing Father that would light the way for us and lead us safely to Him. So naturally as the definition says I thought of a harbor by a Light house. You can see how these three definitions can totally relate to God! (Fun fact: As I was typing each definition, I just came across the third and it blew me away. God is good.) 

Another playing factor into Harboring Light was the concept of us being the light of the world. {Matthew 5:14, & 16} We are called to shine the light which is God that is in us onto others, when we do this we change people. By doing this we create the opportunity for them to seek God and also be a light. Lastly the sun gave me inspiration, I enjoy the sunshine so much because it reminds me of The Father. As rough of a day I may be having, as soon as the sun shines it is surely shining through my heart and I believe it to be my Father smiling down upon me. 

So with that I pray that this blog encourages you and that it inspires you to live differently. I pray that God speaks through me and gives me the words that someone needs to hear and changes them. I may not know any of you personally or at all but I love you and I am grateful for your life. God bless you!