The Greatest Love Story

Many times in life, most people spend their time searching for the ‘perfect love’. And in most cases, while they wait for that special someone they feel their lives are incomplete, lonely,sad etc. This is time wasted. When it comes to searching for a true PERFECT love, theres no need to look any further than above. 

Our Father is the Ultimate perfect love and He loves us unconditionally. He created the greatest love story, and left it for us to read. The Bible allows us to know His heart, fall in love with Him, know more about Him and how to only grow closer. If you are a person who feels they need to have a significant other just because others do, and are searching for that perfect someone, stop. You HAVE that special someone and He’s the best love, that you won’t find any where else. He does not require for you to be perfect or act or look a certain way. He adores everything about you and wouldn’t change a thing. Today is a chance to experience that love, give yourself freely to Him, and accept His precious love in return. I promise you won’t regret it. 

God bless you Beauty