Uniquely Different

    Before it comes to writing a post I always pray for the Father to give me the right words to say because I don’t want to write about just anything. This way I am attentive to what He wants me to say and I strongly believe that before we do anything we should consult with the Father first. I felt it in my heart to write about this because I feel it’s something everyone can relate to and I truly hope it inspires you. Originally I had written this post a bit different, but when I went to go publish it I deleted it by accident. You can imagine the frustration, not to mention the tears. But then I thought, maybe He wants me to write it in a different way than I previously had that will reach deep into your hearts and speak to you. So with that, welcome once again to my blog, I hope you are able to take something from this.  

    We live in a society where we constantly strive to gain the approval of others, whether it be keeping up with the latest trends or having similar interests we all have become prisoner of this. I know I can say I’m guilty of this, especially as a woman there are so many constant changes, I find myself trying to fit in with them. This is wrong. There’s no need to try and feel like you need to be like any other person besides yourself. You are adored for who you are and every quality you have makes you beautiful. 

    The Father never intended for us to strive to be like the person next to us. If He wanted us all to be alike He would’ve created us that way, but instead He made us all Uniquely different. Look into the mirror and take note of every flaw and every detail that makes you who you are. When you look at yourself, identify yourself as your Fathers daughter, as a beautiful masterpiece. Darling you have a purpose. If we are to strive to be like anybody, let us strive to be like Christ. Let us strive to be His most loyal servants, encouraging sisters in Christ and difference makers in the world.