The Imperfection That Is Useful

  I am positive that so many of us have struggled with our own self criticism. We constantly strive to be the absolute best without a single flaw but guess what, we have them. Truth is we always will BUT that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Our Father doesn’t want us to perfect ourselves and THEN be used by Him. He uses us with our imperfections. You see, our Father delights in loving and healing. He wants to heal us, He wants to take us in while we are the way we are, nurture us and watch us grow and become these incredible daughters for Him. 

Our imperfections are useful for Him, this way we may be humble and submit ourselves below His authority and transform. Our God isn’t a God who only accepts the most pristine people but those who are WILLING. Just look at those before us that He chose to serve Him and made leaders of. They weren’t perfect, they were imperfectly beautiful and God admired that. They all had one thing in common, willing hearts. That is all He asks of us, to just be willing. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have forgotten this. I have my moments where I feel that I need to be a perfect christian girl with no flaws. 

When I have moments where I feel stuck, I end up blaming myself for that. “ Well that’s why your’e not going anywhere, your’e not up to part. “ WRONG. There have been countless times where I’m depressed or stressed or crying because I have felt failure to be perfect. The enemy will always try to lie to us and make us believe that we aren’t good enough because he doesn’t want us to succeed. Don’t believe the lies, believe the truth in Jesus. Believe that you were born for a purpose and He chose YOU. You are acceptable by Him, He DOES want to use you. Stop feeling you need to be, act or think a certain way. He accepts you as you are, broken, humble, willing and hungry for His love. You are imperfectly beautiful darling and He will always be drawn to you.