1.  A sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo. { landing place, anchorage, harbor, dock etc }

2. To maintain a theory, thoughts, or feelings. { hold, feel }

3.  A place of refuge and comfort and security

    Hello everyone! My name is Angelina, welcome to Harboring Light now you must be wondering what the heck that means. I shall explain, my inspiration behind Harboring light were a couple of things; I had been very moved by the song "Come out of Hiding" by Steffany Gretzinger. In the song there is a verse that instantly moved my heart (still very much does) and created such a beautiful image of God in my mind, " I'll be your lighthouse when you're lost at sea. And I will illuminate everything. " I saw God as this incredible safe house, this beautiful glowing Father that would light the way for us and lead us safely to Him. So naturally as the definition says I thought of a harbor by a Light house. You can see how these three definitions can totally relate to God! (Fun fact: As I was typing each definition, I just came across the third and it blew me away. God is good.) 

Another playing factor into Harboring Light was the concept of us being the light of the world. {Matthew 5:14, & 16} We are called to shine the light which is God that is in us onto others, when we do this we change people. By doing this we create the opportunity for them to seek God and also be a light. Lastly the sun gave me inspiration, I enjoy the sunshine so much because it reminds me of The Father. As rough of a day I may be having, as soon as the sun shines it is surely shining through my heart and I believe it to be my Father smiling down upon me. 

So with that I pray that this blog encourages you and that it inspires you to live differently. I pray that God speaks through me and gives me the words that someone needs to hear and changes them. I may not know any of you personally or at all but I love you and I am grateful for your life. God bless you!