Tough Love

  I have recently been noticing myself experience different obstacles, and seasons that I would have never thought I’d have to endure. Though I am grateful in knowing that if it wasn't for my greatest supporter of all I wouldn't be able to get through them. Our God is humble, and He also wants us to be humble and sometimes in order to do that He has to ‘knock us down a couple pegs.’

I’ve always been independent, my mother raised me this way. She is an incredible woman, who’s a combination of love, kindness but also great strength. My mom is the definition of a super mom.. period. So naturally I would want to be as fierce as she, BUT along the way I became a little too comfortable in my solitude/need to do things on my own. Thats where my gracious Lord came in the picture, He needed to-as i said earlier; ‘knock me down a couple pegs.’ 

When this happened i was most definitely blind sided, I had no idea how to handle the different situations that came my way because I had never encountered them before, nor did i think I would need to. Something beautiful came from this as anything always does that Gods hands have taken part in. I was being molded; RE-molded. He humbled me to a place where I didn’t want to be alone because I craved His company as well as others, I needed His help because there was no way I’d handle this on my own. I no longer felt ‘all high and mighty’ as we say it these days but so helpless. The Father revealed things to me about myself that I didn’t even know were there. 

I encourage you to willingly submit to being humbled. Let the Father strip you down so he can transform you, because you’ll enter a state in which all you’ll want to do is lean on Him and that’s the greatest state to be in.