Faith without Borders

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the seashore.” 

As a christian we are called to have unshakable faith; faith knowing that through any circumstance the Fathers guiding hand is through it all. In 4-5 months my life will surely change drastically I can say. I will be attending Liberty University in Virginia and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it BUT I won’t lie and say I’m not a little afraid.

For a good amount of my life I’ve lived with my parents, relied on them for EVERYTHING, and worked for my own belongings, SO you can say I am pretty comfortable. Now you all know the Father LOVES to pull us out of our comfort zones and challenge us. Well, I will have to adapt to living on my own, not working as much as I do now and not having the easy access to drive to every place near me as I please. Talk about a challenge and lack of comfort zone. 

 The major I will be studying has raised a lot of questions, “ How will you make a living, how much does it pay, what if it doesn’t work out".. etc. Now in no way did the people who asked these questions mean any disrespect or negativity BUT it had me raising my own questions as well and  to this I felt shame. Shame because how dare I question the Fathers motives for my life.

 What I am trying to express is that If you feel the Father tugging on your heart to do something for Him, do it WITHOUT doubt or fear. No matter what anyone says or what you might even think, ‘trust’ is key. The enemy will always find ways to hold us back from fulfilling what God has intended for us to do, and that includes telling us lies. I can hands down relate to the quote above because It couldn’t be more true. Living life in fear, worry and hesitation; isn’t living in faith at all. Where could you possibly have room for it or room to grow? When Peter saw Jesus his instant reaction Without thought was to get out of the boat and run to Him, but as soon as he had the slightest ounce of fear he sank. Let’s be like Peter in the sense that as soon as we hear God calling us to something we instantly follow without a second thought. 

Faith without borders.