Simple Living

For as long as MANY people can remember, I had been labeled a major  S H O P A H O L I C. I would live for the next thing, as in next new pair of shoes, clothes, handbags, accessories etc. I was well aware that what I was doing was not making me happy, but I just couldn’t stop. I spiraled into debt, was wasting my money on things that I would then “hate” the following week or month and give them away. To me this was intoxicating. I had heard about minimalism before, but never felt I would be capable of living such a drastic lifestyle.

Before I got married in June, I had gotten into the habit of giving away items, but items I had held onto for months, years that I hadn’t worn at all. I was now not giving them away just because I wanted to make room for new things but because I wanted to declutter my closet and life. I knew that once I got married, If I kept up the toxic cycle I had for so long, I was not only going to effect myself but my sweet husband. Being married, having a budget and being wise with what we were purchasing, was such a blessing. A month or two after getting married I started looking into minimalism, I read about it, followed bloggers and youtubers who pursued it and little by little I decided I wanted to live a simpler and happier lifestyle too. There are other factors that came into play with how I found myself connecting with minimalism, but it isn’t the point I’m trying to make here. 

Now, I am in NO way saying fashion bloggers, women who love to shop and keep up with trends are wrong or should change. I have many friends who love fashion, and want to pursue blogging that way and I am in full support of them! I am just sharing my personal journey and what I did to make myself happier because what I was doing was not genuinely making me happy before. Since I have chosen to pursue this, I am a lot happier, I don’t feel as under pressure to fit in, and my focus is more on God, in being who He needs me to be. I truly hope maybe someone was able to relate to this, or be encouraged. God bless you all and thank you for taking the time to read this!