Steady Heart

We constantly deal with seasons in life that are harder than others. We try our best to keep our chin up but sometimes these things can weigh us down and get the best of us, and we don’t feel as strong as we normally would. BUT, what is the key when dealing with any hardship? 


I’ve been relying on him so much and there are times where I just want to lay my head on his shoulder for that comfort, I believe that no matter what season we are in whether it be easy or difficult, God should always be who we lean on in everything. There is one song that gives me so much hope and brings me peace and when I sing the words I feel a lot closer with God, its such a reminder. The song is called steady heart by Steffany Gretzinger within the first verse it just gives me strength as soon as I start singing it. “ I can’t see what’s in front of me, but I will trust you.” 

The song is about having a steady heart that keeps hoping, that’s strong, that’s forgiving. When I sing this song it gives me strength knowing who my God is, that He is always for me and that no matter what I’m going through and even if it feels overwhelming and I don’t feel I have someone to turn to He’s there for me. I encourage everyone that no matter what season you’re in, don’t give up, don’t feel saddened or defeated but remember that God is our strength. He fights our battles for us. I encourage you to pray the words “Lord, I don’t know whats in front of me, I don’t know where I’m going but you do, and I will trust you because you know what is best for me and you are the leader you are my Father and there is nothing that you will not do for me.” These challenges make us better, they are our break throughs. Behind a challenge is a beautiful blessing. Instead of looking at it as a defeat look at it as a triumphant moment in your walk with the Lord.