Quantity over Quality?

Have you come to the point where you’ve realized you’ve spent tons of money on so many items, for them only to shrivel, shrink, rip in a week or even a month? I have, at least I used to. I would go to fast fashion stores and buy so many clothes, especially the ones in the clearance racks. I wanted to keep up with trends that were appearing every other week it seemed, to only realize I not only had a wardrobe that didn’t coincide with one another at all but for my clothes to look old and not hold up for even a month. 

This is what happens when we think “quantity over quality” instead of the reverse of it. Most people walk into a store and see a pretty expensive item, pass on it because of the price and then purchase something similar that’s cheaper and doesn’t last as long as the other one would have because I mean, c’mon you get what you pay for right? Now, I am in no way saying to go buy a bunch of expensive items and make yourself broke. All I am saying is that, don’t be surprised when you buy something cheap and the item doesn’t hold up. 

What you can do is make a list of the things you want and purchase them overtime. I think when doing it this way, it brings more excitement and meaning to the purchase. If you prefer to buy all at once, why not but I prefer to wait a little while in between. I’ve grown to really enjoy buying items that cost a little extra but that will last longer in durability. 

I hope this was helpful for anyone, I know when I first started to read upon ethical brands and sustainable fashion it truly resonated with me. I needed this kind of change in my life, and also helped propel me into my minimal journey. Much love to you all and thanks for visiting my blog again!