While Waiting.

Blessings friends, It has certainly been a while but I am ready to continue to do what God had placed on my heart to do, a year ago regarding this blog.

I want to talk about waiting. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am the absolute worst at this. I can barely wait normal expected shipping time for an item and end up paying way more than I should have LOL. 

However, I know the Lord is teaching me how to wait. Not to be stuck in the waiting without doing a single thing but to learn and grow. Waiting is so so hard sometimes, especially when you feel you are ready to do something and just have an overwhelming eagerness to do just do it. Reality check, sometimes we won’t be ready. It isn’t because we aren’t capable or good enough but because we just simply aren’t ready to do it yet. The Father wants us to wait a little longer.

 Sometimes this can be a hard reality to swallow. 

I can personally say my heart is so heavy with tons of ideas to do so much in the church and my life. I must admit I feel like I have been waiting for so long for my moment but I know it is close. And it becomes closer when we admit we have learning to do, areas to grow in and when we are willing to wait with God until He gives us that special moment. 

In the waiting let us remember that we must:

~ Pray

~ Draw near to God

~ Be observant and open to receive what the Lord wants to teach you.

~ Be consistently thankful

~ Never stop dreaming


The Father does not place ideas in our hearts for them to never be fulfilled. His timing is perfect. Whether it be weeks, months or years of waiting when the time comes it will be glorious and worth everything.