Daughters of the King

Princess diaries is hands down the OG princess movie of all time, and I think it’s safe to say that when we all watched it we were wishing we were princesses too. Well we are. We are princesses of the King of Kings and we should always carry ourselves like so and never settle for anything less. 

We are daughters of the one true King and I love love saying that. We are loved for and cared for beyond measure by a Father that wants nothing but the best for His daughters. Day by day we are crowned with grace, humility, love and wisdom. All of this helping shape us to be the fierce women of God we were always intended to be. 

This world is rough, there is no doubt about it, but as daughters of the King we need to make sure we maintain a constant attitude of thanks and positivity. We must remember we are the elect that were chosen to do great things in His name. Let us be constant reflections to others of what a daughter of the King is like, of what Jesus is like. Let us be role models, friends that walk through life together for others in the hopes that if they don’t know their identity in the Lord they will come to know it. 

Beauties, don’t take being a daughter lightly, wear it proud wherever you go. We are princesses who one day will finally enter into The Kingdom we’ve long awaited to see, and we will forever be taken care of by our King, our Father, our Everything.