Create your own happiness

Create your own happiness.

These simple four words have meant so much to me and has had such a strong positive impact on my life recently. It is easy to find happiness in money, clothes, instagram likes etc. But you can only choose to find joy in these things for so long. I found myself focusing more on what these objects brought me than true joy I could experience without them. I wanted new joy. The real joy that didn’t reside in a mere object. I didn’t want the joy that came and went, I wanted constant joy. 

Having a positive mindset and waking up to choose joy is key. Choosing to stay humble and graceful through out a day can be challenging I won’t deny that but its better than not trying at all. I choose to be joyful and receive that joy from my gracious Lord but also from simple things, a sunny day, freshly bloomed flowers, time with my Husband, laughter with family and friends. Choose joy today and be the light in your environments, ask the Father to show you how, and see how quickly He’ll respond. 

Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame - Psalm 34:5