Slow Living

I am not sure if many are familiar with the term “slow living”, but it is a term that many have spoken about lately, which is in complete opposite to what our generation is accustomed to now. I feel that people have this misconception that they need to constantly be on the go, going out, hanging around friends every weekend, making plans consistently. I don’t agree with this personally for myself, I don’t judge those who do have this life preference but to me it doesn’t make sense. It sounds exhausting and honestly where is the time for you? I am a person who loves her alone time, this is the time I use to take a breather, talk with the Lord, read my Bible, worship, blog, come up with creative thoughts etc. Even though my husband and I do tend to be pretty busy because we are involved in church, we love our down time. 

To me, slow living is changing the way in which I go about my day. It is choosing to be around family, friends without the need to constantly be on my phone, to choose to read, go to our favorite spots with Paul and enjoy the day. One of our favorite places is Port Jeff, (especially since he proposed at one of our favorite spots there). It’s no surprise that I do love to take photos and try to capture the moment each time we are out. To me this just ties in with my love for photography, whether it be photos of nature, a get together, at a coffee shop, I love how these photos can tell a story. That is more of what I hope to accomplish, tell more stories. 

Personally, I think everyone could benefit from the choice of slow living. When we slow everything down to appreciate what is around us, we can see that being apart from technology, crowds and going out consistently, benefits our well being. Blessing friends, I challenge you to try this and see what a wonder it can do!