Let no one despise your youth

As a Christian you know the importance of protecting your testimony and not conforming to this world. If you are not familiar with this, no worries I hope you learn more about what I am talking about here today and I pray God touches your heart! 

So as God’s children we are called to remain pure, innocent, humble, doing the right thing avoiding at all costs what the world claims is normal. We as Christians are called to be different, we are called to live a pure life! God wants us to get to know His heart, live correctly and inherit the Kingdom. Have you grown tired of hearing the statement to protect your testimony and not conform to this world? I haven’t. If you have, pray that the Father would instill a burning passion in your heart to never grow tired of remembering what he asks of his sons and daughters to be. Now in this day and age, there are so many bad influences everywhere you look. Sometimes I am so shocked and ashamed at what I see to be allowed on social media. Social media is big, everyone is on it. Unfortunately, we need to be very careful with what we receive, with what we allow ourselves to be influenced by, even in what we watch. There is so much negativity out there, so much sadness, bitterness, hatred. Even celebrities who are to be considered to have it all and have this great life are lacking something. How can they possibly have true joy when they don’t know Christ and live a life apart from him? Now, I am not trying to bash on anyone here, I am just simply stating the truth. We need to make sure we don’t follow the same pattern, the same mistake. When we start living day to day, based off of the next thing we buy, the next event we attend, social media, technology, we will never be joyful. I have been there, as a Christian I became so materialistic. I would be so amped for the next pair of shoes I bought, picture I posted that was “perfect”, and always ended up feeling empty. 

What did I do? I ran to Jesus and asked to be healed. I asked to be healed and no longer be a materialistic person, or a vain person. I was focusing too much on this world, than Heaven. Does this sound like you? Have you lost sight of what is truly important in exchange for something temporal and less in significance? If so, that’s okay, we not only all make mistakes but there’s still time for you to turn that around. Jesus wants to help you do that and he will never turn away from you when you ask for help!

I want you to ask yourselves, am I truly focused on Heaven? Am I focused on God completely, or have I pushed him aside to make room for something/someone else? This is why it is so important we guard our testimony, that we watch in the way we are walking. We as Christians are always being observed by those who are also Christians but mostly by those who don’t know Christ. We want to make sure that we never lead in the wrong example, more so that we are living the life Christ calls us to live. 

Protect. Preserve. Purify.