Using what you have

Today I want to share with you, how you can use everyday items around your home as a double purpose in eliminating your use of plastic and storage! It’s not only about eliminating plastic but also being able to avoid going out to buy unnecessary storage when you already have some at home! I hope after reading this, you’ll be able to look at the items in your home and see a double purpose for them that is much more sustainable and efficient. This might be a bit chatty but bare with me, I hope you enjoy this! 

When it comes to doing our part, we want to at least make sure that we are trying our best. No ones perfect, no one is perfect at being 100% sustainable. I am not perfect, I have not eliminated plastic 100% not even 80% from my day to day life. My husband and I are not living on our own just yet, so while we are living with family, we do occasionally use zip lock and the plastic containers that are for our use in the home we are staying in. This does not mean we don’t try. For me personally, it doesn’t make sense to go out and buy glass containers when the storage space is already limited. I prefer to wait til we have our own home because space won’t be an issue when buying these things. 

Reducing plastic:

So, here I want to talk about some ways I try my best in doing my part to eliminate plastic in my day to day life by using the best of what I have. In the next section I will mention how I use the best of what I have to eliminate going out and buying unnecessary things when in fact I have the resources I need right at home! Again no one is perfect, I am trying my best day by day to eliminate my plastic consumption. When we really think about it, everyones consumption of plastic on a daily basis is just crazy. How many plastic water bottles are you constantly throwing out? (If you recycle that’s awesome, good for you!) I’ll admit I do drink from water bottles still, but not as much as I used to. I prefer to use a mason jar, I know that can get annoying because it’s glass, wide and may not necessarily fit into the cup holders that are in your cars but it’s a step toward making that difference! Just before getting married we had ordered a lot of mason jars because we intended to have an outdoor wedding. We returned a ton back but we kept a pack for ourselves, so in this way I would be able to use them for not only beverages but storing whatever we need instead of going straight for a zip lock bag. 

Some examples of what I use my mason jars for are: beverages, storing salad, coffee, veggies, spare change, paperclips/pins, oats, storing detergent. 


More storage than you think:

Now, for anyone who is close to me, they know I love lavender. I have a favorite boutique in Port Jeff called Lavender fields and they sell lavender within a cloth pouch. These are perfect for placing in your undergarment drawer or clothes drawer, anywhere basically for a fresh smell! They last very long which is awesome, but when they’re old here is where they come in handy. What I started to do was empty out the lavender and keep the bags they came in. Even though they’re small, they can be very useful! I use mine to put my jewelry in, I don’t have a large jewelry collection because I prefer minimal jewelry so it works great for me! 

Here are other ways I’ve used the cloth bags for, and some ways they can additionally be used for: Jewelry, spare change, medicine, letters for my letter board, credit cards (small simple wallet), your favorite lip products, etc. 


I love using these bags because it eliminates me having to get a jewelry box, or jewelry dish. I don’t like a lot of things (clearly), and so to have a jewelry dish would just irritate me and look like clutter in my eyes. With the use of these bags in any of the ways I mentioned, they’re small and not bulky, so they fit perfectly in your bag! Now, I know I mentioned earlier to avoid needing to buy items for storage and I totally mean that but if say you are interested in a new make up bag or small bag to place in your purse that way you have organization, then I suggest going to a thrift shop! Let’s be real, make up bags are usually $12 or up to $14 and they’re never what we are looking for, or we always opt to buy a new one again and again. I say this because that was me in the past. I recently went to a thrift shop and found a super cute one for A DOLLAR… SOLD! The plus side of it is that it is beige (love me some neutrals) and it’s partially made of jute which is a natural fiber, woohoo! 

Other areas in which you can use anything as a useful storage is for example, when you receive things in the mail. Some items come in cloth pouches, dust bags, these can be used for more than you think! A couple months ago, I received a flag from Mywhiteflag, it came in a cloth pouch and I have used that pouch for storage in so many ways. I use a dust bag for one of my purses as a way to carry my Laptop back and forth to church because it’s too large to fit into my bag and I rather not carry it by itself. The possibilities are endless, just look around your home and you’ll see exactly what I mean! We don’t need so much stuff, or tons of tupperware. We just need to look at the things we have around us and see the multiple purposes they can be used for! I encourage you to go and try this for yourselves!