Be on guard

There are areas of our lives that maybe we have not really been aware of. As Christians it’s important to stay on guard. I just saw a post recently that talks about how we are going to be enemies of the world and hated because we don’t belong to it. Maybe this is something that some of you haven’t heard of or been told about. Maybe some will think this seems extreme but it isn’t. In this day and age we have to be extra careful in what we do, what we are part of and what we represent. 

So let’s dig into this shall we? I want to talk about items and how they can have negative attachments and negative meanings. As mentioned before we need to be aware, we can’t just innocently look past symbols, or drawings that are designed on clothes. I have a perfect example of this, in a very common store (which I won’t mention out of respect), my husband had purchased a few of their tees. They looked like regular tees and had different shapes designed on the back of them. We never thought anything of it and he had worn them for some time. My mother-in-law didn’t get the greatest feeling from them and would tell him not to wear it because it looked like something that was negative. She didn’t know quite what but she had that sense. One day she was watching a preaching where a pastor was talking about the meaning of different symbols and saw that very symbol. It’s meaning was for something evil and I discarded those shirts immediately. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes and thinking, “ok, this is so exaggerated and unnecessary.” It isn’t, it’s something we cant ignore. As of recently I have felt the Lord leading me to investigate into everything I am involved in, watch, listen to, and even those I follow. I urge you to be wise and careful, and really follow my advice in this and most importantly the instinct you’ve been given by God. 

Now I know this next part may not necessarily pertain to shopping at your local mall but it has everything to do with pre-loved items. I am a lover of thrifting, I find it so much fun, but I am very careful when I do. When you think about it, these items have been used before and have had previous upon previous owners. We don’t know who the previous owner was, we don’t know their lifestyle or what they were into. I know this may sound odd to hear but hear me out because this is super important. Items can very much have negative spiritual attachments to them, this is not impossible. Whenever I shop it is mostly at Savers and Island Thrift. Regardless, after I come home and wash my items I pray. Yes I pray. I pray that God removes any negative attachment (if any) from these garments I am going to put upon my body. See, I value my body, spirit and soul. God asks of us to be on guard and protect ourselves. So I will surely do so and because we are close with God, He gives us an amazing gift. The gift of spiritual discernment. I am sure you have been able to sense when you enter an environment and feel something is off, or that you shouldn’t be there. I know I surely have and it has happened recently. Now this post is about to get a whole lot deep but it needs to be. Each of us will have different reactions when we are in a place, situation or around something we know we shouldn’t be around. Want an example? Sure thing. Recently in June my husband and I had our anniversary and it was amazing, one of the things we did was explore Greenport. We entered into a vintage store who’s name I will also not mention. I spotted this store and thought nothing of it, I was pretty excited to see what was inside. As soon as I entered I felt off. Something about it felt so uncomfortable and just not right, as if the air was lightly heavy. I started to get anxiety but of course assumed it was just me and tried to brush it off. Well I wasn’t the only one to feel uncomfortable, Paul did too. Paul got a headache after touching one of the items, long story short we ended up leaving and once we got in the car we prayed. I can’t quite explain it but that place had an eerie vibe to it and I never want to go back. 

After that day I have never been more careful with where I go. Friends I encourage you so so deeply to take what I am talking about seriously. What I would love for you to take from this today it is to be on guard. Protect yourselves because you never know what you could be exposing yourself to. Not everyone will have the ability to discern because they are not walking with God to be able to. I’m sorry to say that but it’s true. Those who don’t know Jesus are not going to have the reactions that we do because it wont affect them. But, talking about this I am hoping everyone does become aware, and guards themselves. 

Just as we were able to have a sense of knowing something was off, God will allow you too. Spiritual discernment is incredible and will always allow us to decipher and separate what is good and bad, what is from God and what clearly is not. God bless you, I pray that you put on the full armor of God and watch where you are walking. 

Top: Thrifted  Jeans: Levis 501  Necklace: Made by Mary

Top: Thrifted

Jeans: Levis 501

Necklace: Made by Mary